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With over 13 years in San Antonio serving as a prosecutor, Judge and defense attorney, Carlo Key has the experience and knowledge you need fighting for you.

I began my career as an Assistant District Attorney in Bexar County. After leaving the District Attorney’s Office with an over 95% success rate during jury trials, I put my skills to work as a criminal defense lawyer prior to my election to the County Court at Law bench in 2010.

As a Judge, I saw how relentless prosecution could destroy the lives of those accused of crimes. I witnessed punishments exceeding the necessary restrictions and hypocritical prosecutors after a conviction, not justice. It compelled me to take my trial skills and compassion for the accused back into private criminal defense.

An assault, DWI or possession charge can have a tremendous impact on your life. You could face the possibility of fines and other court costs, probation or jail time. In addition, each charge includes other penalties such as:


You will lose your right to carry and possess a firearm and may be subject to court ordered restraining orders.


Your license will be suspended, along with the possibility of ignition interlock devices installed on your vehicle.


You will lose your right to carry and possess a firearm, face driver’s license penalties including suspension, and may disqualify yourself from future employment and government assistance, including student loans.

I know all sides of the courtroom, having prosecuted, judged, and now fought for hundreds of clients in the face of their charges. Let me work to give you the fair and just verdict you deserve.

Arrested For Drug Possession? Call Carlo Now.

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What Could Happen After Your Possession Charge?

Choose the Bexar County former judge as your attorney to defend your drug possession charge.

If you are arrested for possession of controlled substance or marijuana, you may be subject to drivers license suspensions. A conviction may forfeit your right to forms of government assistance. Drug possession can be a deportable offense.

Put my experience to work and I will fight to get you a just and fair verdict.

In addition to drivers license suspensions, penalties for drug possession charges can require:

Possession of marijuana up to 4 ounces and small amounts of prescription medicines (misdemeanors)

  • Up to 2 years probation or 1 year in jail
  • Over $13,000 in fines and court costs
  • Mandated drug treatment – including in-patient
  • Drivers license suspension, forfeiture of government assistance, deportation

Possession of any amount of narcotics, over 4 ounces of marijuana (Felony)

  • Up to 10 years probation or 10 years in jail. Up to 6 months in jail prior to being released on probation possible
  • Over $20,000 in fines, court costs, and fees
  • 80-200 hours of community service
  • Permanently lose rights to possess firearms

Caught with drugs in your possession?

You can still challenge their admissibility in court. The Fourth Amendment protects us from unreasonable searches. I know and understand the law and defenses behind these searches.

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